Zinc chromating

Blue chromating SG-A

The Blue chromating SG-A produces consistently blue coatings and is suitable for all zinc processes on the market. SG-A is characterized by very short dipping time and can be consolidated several times. The blue chromating SG-A is supplied in liquid form.

Yellow chromating SG-CF

The yellow chromating SG-CF is suitable for all parts galvanized in cyanide, acid and alkaline cyanide-free zinc electrolytes. SG-CF is supplied in liquid form and consists of one part. SG-CF is used in normal tap water. Furthermore, the yellow chromating SG-CF can be used for rack as well as barrel applications.

Olive chromating SG-103

The Olive chromating SG-103 is suitable for all types of zinc processes. It is characterized by uniform stain-free olive dyeing, exceptionally good corrosion protection, long service life and very economical. The SG-103 is supplied in liquid form and only one additive.

Black chromating SG-FE-ZN 23

The black chromating SG-FE-ZN 23 is a silver-free black chromating which was developed especially for the chromating of zinc-iron layers of rack applications. Even black chromate layers are achieved. When silver is added pure zinc, layers can also be chromated deep black.

Chrome hardener SG

The chromate hardener SG is used for the after treatment of blue or yellow chromated galvanized parts. It is mainly used where highest adhesion requirements are needed. Parts treated in Chrome hardener SG are smudge-resistant even when they are still wet. Also, for the prevention of unwonted passivation and leaching out the Chrome hardeber SG is used for rack and barrel applications.