Copper processes (acid based)

Acid bright copper SG-Opal ES

SG-Opal ES is an easy-to-use bright copper process. The chloride tolerance is between 30 - 150 mg/l. It worked with only one permanent additive. SG-Opal ES has excellent levelling and excellent brightness over all current areas. The process is used for metal and plastic plating.

Acid bright copper SG-Opal S 6000

SG-Opal S 6000 is a dye-containing, acidic bright copper process. The deposits generated with the SG-Opal S 6000 are characterized by excellent brightness, levelling and metal distribution. Due to the extremely high levelling, the treatment times can be considerably shortened in many cases. SG-Opal S 6000 can be used for the finishing of metal parts as well as plastic parts.

Copper processes (cyanide based)

Cyanide bright copper process SG-Opal C

The SG-Opal C process is a potassium based brilliant copper bath that produces brilliant deposits. The metal distribution is exceptionally good. SG-Opal C can be operated with a current density of 4 A/dm2 and a current efficiency of 98-100%.

Cyanide bright copper process SG-Opal C Special

SG-Opal C Special produces bright shiny copper layers with excellent throwing power. The deposits are ductile and can be coated without any problems. SG-Opal C Special has a particularly good metal distribution and can be operated with high current densities. SG-Opal C Special can be used with potassium or sodium salts.