Chemical nickel SG-Ni C

The electro less SG-Ni C produces bright even layers of phosphorus-alloyed nickel with a phosphor content of 8-10 wt% on all metals and non-conductive surfaces. High hardness and excellent corrosion protection values are achieved. A very good deposition rate and process stability of mass articles in drums or rack parts is possible. SG-Ni C reaches a service life of up to 12 MTO´s (metal turnovers).

Chemical nickel SG-Ni-BFH

The electro less SG-Ni-BFH deposits are nickel-phosphorus alloy that has excellent corrosion performance as well as high wear resistance and high hardness. Equally outstanding are the mechanical and technological properties. The coatings are non-porous even at low layer thicknesses and resistant to almost all organic and inorganic media. The non-magnetic coatings have good solderability. The produced layers consist of a nickel-phosphorus alloy with 10 - 12 wt.% phosphorus without crystalline content. After a heat treatment at about 300 °C the coatings are finely crystalline. SG-NI-BFH complies with the International ELV (End of Life Vehicle) and RoHS / WEEE directives and can be used for coating processes with drums or racks.

Chemical nickel SG-Ni-BFL

SG-Ni-BFL is an electro less nickel process for the production of bright nickel-phosphorus layers containing 5 to 9 wt% phosphor. Chemical nickel SG-NI-BFH complies with the international ELV (End of Life Vehicle) and RoHS / WEEE directives and can be used both for coating drum and rack goods. the process owns very good deposition rates and stability.