Pickling booster & pickling inhibitors

Pickling booster SG-Liquid

The pickling booster SG-Liquid is a liquid additive which is used in pickling processes to speed up the process and helps to remove oil carbon. Pickling accelerator SG-Liquid can be used in sulfuric acid or in hydrochloric acid pickling and accelerates the removal of scale and rust. Pickling accelerator SG-Liquid can also be used in combination with our stain removers.

Pickling booster SG

The pickling booster SG is an oxidizing agent which is very stable in in the alkaline and in the acidic processes. Used in pickling processes the pickling booster speeds up and helps to remove burned-in carbon. The pickling booster SG can be used in hydrochloric or sulfuric acid pickling even in combination with acid degreasers.

Approach: 3 - 8 g/l in salt or sulfuric acid pickling                                temperature: 20 - 50 °C

Pickling inhibitor SG-BD

Pickling inhibitor SG-BD is a liquid additive and ideal for inhibiting of non-oxidizing acids.

It is very economical and suitable for base materials made of steel and non-ferrous metal. Due to the good inhibition, the attack on the base material as far as possible be excluded or minimized.

Approach: 0.3 - 3%                                                                                  temperature: 20 - 60 °C