Precious metal processes

Gold process SG-5N

The gold process SG-5 N is an acidic gold electrolyte for hard and shiny gold deposited. The coatings are ductile and very resistant to mechanical stress. The good throwing power of the electrolyte also allows plating of complicated shaped parts. The bath works at room temperature and is suitable for rack and barrel applications.

Chemical gold process SG-AU 340

This process generates deposits of gold by "ion exchange" (without the use of an external power source) on less noble metal like nickel, copper and its alloys as well as solder metals. Uniform coatings are deposited with a constant golden yellow color. The process is relatively easy to use and requires no special effort on tanks and accessories.

Bright silver SG-Arga-L

The Bright silver process SG-Arga-L is organic based and generates high-bright and light-white silver deposits regardless of the layer thickness. The brightness throwing power is exceptionally good. The brightening system is based on organic additives. The physical properties are since no metallic brighteners are used almost equivalent to those of fine silver. So the method is also ideal for the silvering of electrical and electronic components.

Semi-bright silver SG

This electrolyte can be used to produce even shiny pure silver coatings for drum and rack applications. Since the conductivity differs only slightly from pure silver due to the low incorporation of foreign substances the main area of application of this bath is in the electro technical and electronic industry.