Metal strippers

SG-Metex NI-CF

A cyanide free stripper that removes nickel from the base metal steel. SG-Metex Ni-CF is supplied in two parts.

SG-Metex NI-CF 66

SG-Metex NI-CF 66 is a cyanide free stripper for all types of nickel even chemical deposited nickel and nickel-phosphorus layers with iron as ground material. The easy-to-use 2-component system is suitable for all nickel layers and works without attacking the base material. The solution is very stable even at high temperatures.

Temperature range: 50 - 100 °C (optimum 90 °C)

SG-Metex NI-S

Alkaline cyanide containing metal stripper process to remove nickel, cadmium, zinc and silver from steel as ground material.

SG-Metex NI-BV

A cyanide free stripper to remove nickel deposits from non-ferrous base metals.

SG-Metex B-SnNi

SG-Metex B-SnNi is used for stripping on base materials of copper and brass. Coatings of nickel, tin and zinc are removed without major attack on the base material.

Temperature: 50 - 75 °C (for brass as base material 50 - 55 °C)

Removal speed: depending on the temperature 15 - 50 microns per hour nickel

SG-Metex GE

The SG-Metex GE is an electrolytic working stripper for copper, nickel (including matt and semi-bright nickel), chromium and other metals of stainless steels in particular from rack hooks. Mainly stainless-steel grades of: 16 to 19% Cr, 7 to 12.5% Ni, 0.07 to 0.15% C and possibly 2 to 2.5% Mo, 0.5% Ti are used. Rack contacts made of titanium are also suitable.