Passivation for zinc and zinc-alloy

Blue passivation SG-III extra

SG-III-extra is a cobalt-containing blue passivation and is used in dipping process for bright galvanized parts. It is particularly suitable for parts where a normal blue passivation does not form consistent blue layers. The blue tone remains even after high temperature treatments. The benefit of the passivation SG-III extra is the long service life and the very good corrosion protection values. The blue passivation SG-III extra is suitable for rack and drum applications.

Blue passivation SG-Nokopas B

SG-Nokopas B is a blue passivation that can be used on layers of acid, cyanide and cyan-free alkaline zinc electrolytes. Shiny very nice blue passivation layers according to DIN 50961-B are produced. The protection layers of SG-Nokopas B are characterized by increased corrosion protection. Because of the low zinc removal, a very long service life of the passivation solution can be achieved. SG-Nokopas B contains an inhibitor for iron.

Blue passivation SG-Nokopas K

SG-Nokopas K is a cobalt containing blue passivation for zinc layers from acidic, cyanide and cyanide free alkaline processes. Shiny very nice blue passivation layers according to DIN 50961-B are produced. The passivation layers of SG-Nokopas K are characterized by a greatly increased corrosion protection compared to normal blue passivation products. A very long service time results out of the low zinc removal of the passivation solution. By increasing the drying temperature up to 120 ° C the corrosion protection can be significantly improved. Zinc-iron alloy layers can also be treated with SG-Nokopas K. The generated passivation layer has a light yellowish color.

Blue passivation SG-III CP

The passivation SG-III CP is a single step cobalt-containing blue passivation and is used in the dipping process for bright-galvanized parts. Depending on concentration it can be used as a blue passivation or as a thick layer passivation. The SG-III CP produces uniform blue violet zinc layers and achieves very good corrosion protection. Furthermore, the layers are characterized by good colour fastness with subsequent tempering. When used as a thick layer passivation with increased make up values blue-yellow iridescent surfaces are produced. These layers provide excellent corrosion protection and are comparable to the protective effect of conventional chromium (VI) based yellow chromating. Parts passivated with the blue passivation SG-III CP in the thick-film process improve the corrosion protection even with drying temperatures of 100 °C.

Yellow passivation SG-137 and SG-137 Plus (dye-free)

The Yellow passivation SG-137 and 137 Plus (Plus = increased corrosion protection) are liquid 3-valent yellow passivation products. The yellow passivation SG-137 is free of chromium VI compounds complexing agents and dyes. Yellow passivation SG-137 has a yellowing, colorful appearance and can be operated at low temperatures and very high corrosion resistance values.

Thick layer passivation SG-III Protect

The thick layer passivation SG-III Protect is a Cr (VI)-free trivalent thick-film passivation that ensures high corrosion protection even at room temperature. SG-III Protect produces corrosion-resistant coatings on zinc layers of acidic, cyanide or cyanide free electrolytes of drum or rack processes.

Make up:                    60         ml/liters          blue passivation

                                    40 - 80 ml/liters          thick layer passivation

Temperature:            30 °C                             range:  20 - 50 °C

Black passivation SG-III

The Black passivation SG-III is a Cr-(VI)-free trivalent black passivation which ensures high corrosion protection even at room temperature. The black passivation SG-III produces black coatings on zinc layers of acidic and cyanide electrolytes for drum or rack applications. In combination with a followed SG-Sealer non-iridescent black coating are generated.

Black passivation SG-III AZ

The Black passivation SG-III AZ is a chromium (III)-valent passivation for alkaline based zinc coatings. The solution is completely free of chromium (VI) and produced black passivation layers on alkaline zinc coatings. SG-III AZ is ideal for coating of rack and barrel applications. In combination with subsequent SG-Sealers very good corrosion protection values ​​are achieved.

Passivation SG-110

The Passivation SG-110 is a chromium-(III) based iridescent thick layer passivation for zinc and zinc alloy coatings and is completely chromium (VI)-free. In combination with our SG-Sealer systems a very high corrosion resistance is achieved. SG-110 can be used for rack and barrel applications.