Degreasing products

Soak cleaner SG-KBL

SG-KBL is a highly alkaline emulsifying dipping soak cleaner with highly effective surfactants and is therefore particularly well suited to remove very strong fat and oil deposits. Pigment soiling such as metal abrasion, polishing and grinding pastes can be easily removed. SG-KBL is suitable for currentless degreasing of steel and non-ferrous metals.

Approach: 3 - 8% Soak cleaner SG-KBL                                              temperature: 20 - 70 °C

Soak cleaner SG-DL

The soak cleaner SG-DL is a demulsifying degreasing agent for the pre-treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Materials of zinc and aluminum are attacked. SG-DL has an individually controllable surfactant combination with pronounced demulsibility. The product is ultrafiltration-capable. The very good combination opportunity with the Demulsifier SG-K1-30, this allows a very long service life. It is also possible to adjust the cleaning effect by adding special surfactant mixtures to the individual needs of each user.

Approach: 4 - 8% Soak cleaner SG-DL                                                 temperature: 40 - 60 °C

Soak cleaner SG-SLB

The SG-SLB is particularly suitable for the degreasing of iron and steel. At low temperatures, non-ferrous metals may also be degreased but aluminum and zinc are attacked and can´t be degreased with SG-SLB. High-quality active ingredients allow short treatment times and guarantee a long service life of the soak cleaner SG-SLB. Even stubborn dirt will be removed in a short time. The SG-SLB is micro-filterable.

Approach: 5 - 10% Soak cleaner SG-SLB                                           temperature: 30 - 80 °C

Soak cleaner SG-LO

The degreasing agent SG-LO is particularly distinguished in the dipping degreasing of steel-iron alloy and nonferrous metal.

Approach:       3 - 4% Soak cleaner SG-LO in combination with

3 - 4 ml/l Cleaning booster SG-986                                                     temperature: 30 – 60°C

Cleaner SG-7524 N

The Cleaner SG-7524 N is a liquid slightly alkaline degreasing agent for all metals types with corrosion protection. Through a new surfactant combination, the product shows a very good demulsifying behavior and thereby oils and fats can be removed with the help of a simple oil separator. This will guaranty good cleaning effects over many months. Cleaner SG-7524 N owns corrosion inhibitors but the metal surface remains nevertheless paintable.

SG-Citracid 8050

SG-Citracid 8050 is an acidic cleaning process based on mild citric acid, surfactants and inhibitors. SG-Citracid 8050 has proven itself in the cleaning of various metals such as stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. For stainless steel the formation of a passive layer is also supported.

Approach 10 - 20%                                                                                temperature: 30 – 80 °C

Ultrasonic degreaser SG-UL 221

The Ultrasonic degreaser SG-UL 221 is a liquid, slightly alkaline mixture of non-ionized surfactants and salts of organic acids for the cleaning of iron, aluminum, zinc and non-ferrous metals by ultrasonic or pure dipping process. The parts treated with SG-UL 221 are given temporary corrosion protection after degreasing by applying a hydrophobic film.

Approach: 2%                                                                                        temperature 50 - 70 °C

Ultrasonic Degreaser SG-UL 221 Special

The Ultrasonic degreaser SG-UL 221Special is a liquid, slightly alkaline mixture of non-ionized surfactants and salts of organic acids for the cleaning of iron, aluminum, zinc and non-ferrous metals by ultrasonic or pure dipping process. The SG-UL 221 Special is ideal for removing water-soluble polishing pastes. The parts treated with SG-UL 221 Special receive temporary corrosion protection after degreasing by applying a hydrophobic film.

Approach: 2 - 5% Ultrasonic cleaner SG-UL 221 Special               temperature: 50 - 70 °C

Ultrasonic degreaser SG-UL

The Ultrasonic degreaser SG-UL is an alkaline, phosphate-containing powder product suitable for degreasing steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum and zinc die cast. SG-UL can also be used as dipping degreaser without ultrasonic support. SG-UL is very suitable for hard process water. Special inhibitors prevent aluminum from being attacked despite the high alkalinity.

Approach: 1 - 7%                                                                                  temperature: 50 - 80 °C

Demulsifier SG-K1-30

The Demulsifier SG-K1-30 is a product based on organic and organic-herbal substances. Preferably the SG-K1-30 is used for oil splitting in the field of electroplating and metal treatment processing. There is no sludge generated and can usually be carried out at the original pH values. The oil layer can be removed after short reaction time.

Dosage: 0.5 - 1 ml/l

Spray degreaser SG-196

The spray degreaser SG-196 is an alkaline silicate-containing powdered product. It is used for the degreasing of iron, aluminum, zinc, brass and copper by spraying.

Approach: 0.5 – 3 %                                                                           temperature: 30 - 90 °C

Spray degreaser SG-328

Is a liquid spray degreasing agent for the pretreatment of iron and steel with corrosion protection before gas-nitriding Spray degreaser SG-328 is a liquid quick-release spray cleaner for iron and steel. SG-328 has a very good corrosion protection. A 1% solution has the value 0 according to DIN 51360 means no corrosion. The product does not form any disturbing foam above 40 ° C.

Approach: 2 - 4%                                                                                temperature: 40 – 50 °C

Spray degreaser SG-7000

Spray degreaser SG-7000 is a liquid, slightly alkaline product for the degreasing of iron, copper, aluminum and brass parts. Spray degreasers SG-7000 solutions do not form any interfering foam above temperatures of 50 °C. The washing-active substances contained are biodegradable in accordance with EU-directive 648/2004.

Approach: 3 - 5%                                                                                temperature: 50 - 60 °C