Chrome processes

Bright chrome SG-CR 250

The Bright chrome SG-CR 250 is chrome process that is excellently suited for bright chrome plating. SG-CR 250 works free of soil bodies and can be varied in the process parameters. Very high deposition rates and strong activating effect combined with an extraordinary throwing power. Chromium acid contents of 180 - 380 g/l are possible and our PFOS and PFT free wetting agent SG-Diamond PF can be added as needed.

Hard chrome SG-CR 250

The Hard chrome SG-CR 250 is a high performance acidic chromium process whose additives are fully dissolved in the electrolyte. It deposits are hard, shiny and even chrome layers. The tendency for edge or bud formation is low. Large layer thicknesses can be deposited in one layer without intermediate dragging.  Due to the good activation behavior, stainless steels can be chromed directly (flash-chrome). High current densities result in high deposition rates. Our PFOS and PFT free wetting agent SG-Diamond PF can be added as needed.

Wetting agent SG-Diamant PF

Wetting agent SG-Diamant PF is a high-efficiency, short-chain perfluoro-based anionic fluorosurfactant which reduces the surface tension in the bright and hard-chromium electrolytes lower than 30 mN/m. The drag out losses are significantly reduced by the use of wetting agent SG-Diamant PF. Wetting agent SG-Diamant PF is PFOS- and PFT-free.