Special procedures


Cuproclean is an acidic, nitric acid-free pickling and cleaning product for copper and copper alloys without substantial attack on the base material. It reliably removes oxides, flux and drawing residue.

Inhibitor VP 392

INHIBITOR VP 392 is an organic product that has the property of forming a molecular film from acidic solution on metal surfaces with very good corrosion protection. INHIBITOR VP 392 is suitable for iron and non - ferrous metals such as copper, brass, nickel and zinc equally well suited. In order to ensure a uniform coating of the protective film, the parts should be fat and oil-free before dipped into the solution. INHIBITOR VP 392 is supplied as a concentrate. Make up values of 0.5 - 1% has been found to be sufficient.

Conservator SG-SP 118-New

The SG-SP118 New is a liquid slightly alkaline corrosion inhibitor for iron metals with a very good corrosion protection. Thanks to a novel combination of surfactants consistently good preservation results can be achieved over many weeks. Conservator SG-SP 118-New has selected corrosion inhibitors and is also used as additive in wet blasting systems.

SG-Aluminum pickling

SG-Aluminum pickling is an alkaline product which diluted in water gives much better results achieved as pure Sodium hydroxide pickling’s.  In SG-Aluminum activated parts show a finer even uniform appearance with abrasive marks and roughness will be smoothed. SG-Aluminum pickling is used for pickling (even with low temperatures) and cleaning of aluminum surfaces and in front of electroplating, anodizing, chemical glazing, welding, phosphating and painting. The formation of hard-to-remove aluminum hydroxides deposits on the surface and the tank walls is reliably prevented.

Zincate pickling SG-III

The Zincate pickling SG-III is a cyanide-free zincate process for the pretreatment of aluminum prior to plating and especially before electroless nickel plating. The zincate pickling SG-III is characterized by a very low water-like viscosity and is able by dipping of clean pretreated parts to displace the water film very quickly. This will result in a denser more uniform zincate film than achieved with the usual Zincate processes. So generated zincate layer has improved adhesion issues to aluminum and provides excellent adhesion strength to the following metal layers. The low viscosity of Zincate pickling SG-III causes easy penetration into blind holes, gaps, threads, grooves and folds on aluminum workpieces and increases rinse effect. Due to the good dripping ability of the zincate pickling also complicated shaped workpieces drag out losses are reduced and the profitability increased. The Zincate pickling SG-III can be used to treat all used regular aluminum alloys.

Bonding SG-AL

Through a simple electroless dipping most metal coatings are deposited on aluminum and aluminum alloys without intermediate copper plating through the use of Bonding SG-AL as primer. The often-used tempering for securing the adhesive strength is eliminated. The treatment with SG-AL forms a film on which nickel, cyanide copper, brass, silver, chromium (sulfuric acidic), tin, zinc or cadmium can directly be plated.

Coloring solution SG-MS 750

The Coloring solution SG-MS 750 is used for decorative oxide coloring of copper and copper alloys. Shades of light brown to bronze to deep black are achieved. Even in barrel treatment uniform coloring is achieved.

Coloring solution SG-MS

The Coloring solution SG-MS is used for decorative oxide coloring of copper and copper alloys. Shades of light brown to bronze until deep black are achieved. Even in barrel treatment uniform coloring is achieved.

Coloring solution SG-4

The Coloring solution SG-4 is used for decorative oxide coloring on copper and copper alloys. Shades of light brown to dark brown are achieved. Even in barrel treatment uniform coloring is achieved.

Coloring solution SG-Bz-Sn

The Coloring solution SG-Bz-Sn is a liquid acidic product and consists of two components. Coloring solution SG-Bz-Sn is ideal for the antique dyeing of white bronze and tin. The treated layers get a uniform anthracite to black color.

Chemical polishing SG-MS

The Chemical polishing SG-MS is an acidic pickling product free of chromium and nitric acid for copper, brass and nickel silver with a gloss effect far exceeding that of a yellow stain. Nitrogen oxides or other poisonous gases do not arise with the SG-MS so that otherwise necessary suction and gas scrubbing omitted. Leveling and brightness level can be determined by treatment time. The treatment in baskets and barrels and plating lines is possible.

Chemical deburring SG-1559

The chemical deburring SG-1559 is suitable for the chemical deburring of ferritic steel. For austenitic steel grades such as chromium-nickel steel is the SG-1559 not suitable. Chemical deburring SG-1559 is very easy to use safe and economical. Hydrogen embrittlement by SG-1559 does not occur. The chemical deburring SG-1559 is supplied in liquid form.

Stainless steel pickling concentrate SG 1:1

The stainless-steel pickling concentrate SG 1:1 can be used by dipping, spraying and circulation process. It eliminates unwanted surface products such as scaling, tempering colors, ferrites and other impurities. At the same time the Pickling concentrate SG 1:1 leads to restore full corrosion resistance and produced a metallic pure silky-glossy surface. Special additives reduce the NOx emission and ensure a good pickling even at higher metal contents up to 45 g/Liter.