Nickel processes

Bright nickel SG-Brillant TR / TRL

This bright nickel bath is ideally suited for use in rack and drum baths. After years of use, this shine additive has proven to be excellent for achieving uniform, light, ductile, high-gloss precipitates. SG-Brillant TR contains wetting agents and is suitable for use in mechanically moving baths. SG-Brilliant TRL contains no wetting agent and can also be used in air agitated electrolytes.

Bright nickel SG-Brillant TE

Deposits of the SG-Brillant TE are white very bright and well-leveled. It is suitable for rack and drum applications. The brightness is even in low current areas optimal and is not affected negative by the brightener. The ductility of the deposits remains fully intact.

Bright nickel SG-Brillant HE

SG-Brillant HE is a newly developed electrolyte for high bright nickel plating with excellent leveling properties. The generated deposits are bright white and highly brilliant. SG-Brillant HE combines all the positive properties of a modern electrolyte according to the current state of the art. Easy chromium plating afterwards is just as self-evident as the fact that an active carbon cleaning is eliminated because SG-Brillant HE contains no disturbing degradation products.

High leveling bright nickel SG-Brillant HE 2

SG-Brillant HE 2 is a highly levelling bright nickel process which works excellently in rack and drum applications. The nickel deposits are white bright high shiny deposited and remain even with older electrolytes absolutely ductile. Chromium plating without any problems is self-evident because the deposited nickel layers are highly active. The brightness also in low current areas is exceptionally good and is not affected by the addition of the brightener additive SG-Brillant HE 2. An at least occasional filtration with a filter with active carbon is advisable.

Semi-bright nickel SG-Brillant HG

SG-Brillant HG is a semi-bright nickel process for generating strong levelling ductile sulfur-free and non-passivating nickel layers with excellent throwing power. In combination with our brilliant nickel SG-Brillant processes the SG-Brillant HG is suitable for depositing of corrosion-resistant double nickel layers.

Pearl bright nickel SG-Extra

The Pearl bright nickel SG-Extra produces even satin-matt uniform fine structured nickel coatings. Even polished base material can be nickel-plated virtually glare-free. The deposited layers have a good scratch and grip strength. The high activity of the deposits allows afterwards a very good chroming. In combination with chromium or gold layers different shades can be achieved.

Nickel sulfamate SG

Nickel coatings from the nickel sulfamate bath SG are uniform and bright and show only a very low internal tensile and compressive stresses. The properties of the deposits can be varied over a wide range by changing the bath composition and the working parameters. Nickel sulphate SG achieves soft to hard deposits with good ductility good corrosion resistance and good tolerances against impurities. High current densities enable short treatment times and stability over long working periods.